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The Smokeless Range® 2.0 is a portable, versatile, and affordable marksmanship and judgmental firearms training simulator for home, office or department use. It is by far the best training tool to train for Concealed Carry, Personal Protection and Firearm Basic and Instructor Qualification. 


Dry Fire Training on the Next Level

The advantages of using the Smokeless Range®:

  • User friendly (Great for all Ages)

  • Interactive

  • Easy to install and navigate

  • Fast and automatic tracking calibration

  • Head-to-head competition with up to 2 shooters at a time.

  • Comes with 10 core drills to cover all different training needs, and Games.

  • Will increase your movement, accuracy, and speed.

  • Use your own firearms or recoil gun 

  • Portable (Upon Request)

      Cost is $20 Per Hour / Person

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