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Fundamentals and Proficiency Handgun Training (Practice) Sessions

During these session, we will practice / test the principles of marksmanship and the functionality of the fundamentals of handgun defensive shooting.


Multiple sessions a month, with no more than 200 rounds of ammo (each session), we will shoot various drills and predesigned qualification courses which applies a multitude of handgun handling/ reloading/ malfunction/ and shooting skills.

Firearm(s) & Holster available for rent upon request.

PPE (Eye and Ear Protection) available for sale upon request.

Ammunition available for Sale (only for the use during the training session).

ANSID B8 Target.jpg

Range Training

This Session is designed for individuals and/or professionals who would like to be more proficient with the fundamentals of shooting and self-defense.

Cost: $40


Personal Protective Equipment

(Eye & Ear Protection)

A Reliable Firearm with spare magizines

Approximately 200 rounds of Ammo

Hard Plastic (Sturdy) Holster 

Appropriate (Closed Toed) Footwear

Head Cover (Hat) - Highly Recommended

Positive Attitude - Mandatory

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