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National African American Gun Association


The mission of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is to establish a fellowship by educating on the rich legacy of gun ownership by African Americans, offering training that supports safe gun use for self defense and sportsmanship, and advocating for the inalienable right to self-defense for African Americans.
Education. Training. Safety. Self-Defense. Advocacy. For and By African Americans.

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Basic Pistol

Objective:     To train everyday citizens on safe, legal, and ethical ownership and operation of modern defensive handguns.

Target Market:     All experience levels (but with a focus on new shooters).

Length:     Approximately 8 Hours (6 hours of classroom; 2 hours of range work).

Structure:    Six modules (one full day or split two-day).

Overview:     Safety; history of American gun culture; fundamentals of marksmanship; ammunition components; safe storage; legal parameters of self-defense; live fire exercises; future training roadmap.

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Certification Course

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Basic Pistol Instructors Coures

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The NAAGA Basic Pistol Instructor is Hands-on and Challenging Course, even for previously Certified Instructors. The minimum Prerequisite for this course, Students must have already completed the NAAGA Basic Pistol Course.

Concealed Carry Overview

Concealed Carry Course - LP
● Length: Minimum 4 hours, Maximum 16 Hours (11 hours classroom; 5 hours range)
● Format: Modular (customizable with 4 required modules and 8 optional modules)
● Objective: To prepare students for carrying a concealed handgun in public
● Target Market: Gun owners interested in concealed carry
● Content Overview: Safety, holster selection, carry modes and methods, traveling
armed, the 4-count draw (open and from concealment), use of force/legal issues,
cleaning and maintenance, additional training. This course recommends/presumes
students have successfully completed the NAAGA Basic Handgun Course.

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Certification Course

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